vegan thin mints

Healthy Vegan Thin Mints

Super healthy vegan thin mints that are super easy to make and absolutely delicious! It has a fantastic minty flavor and they are super addictive! You won’t be able to stop eating them! The best part is that they are gluten-free and low-fat! So you are allow to eat all of them!

vegan berry banana coconut smoothie bowl

Vegan Berry Banana Coconut Smoothie Bowl

A delicious vegan smoothie bowl made with the combination of different berries, banana, agave and coconut milk. A super tasty and healthy way to start your day!

vegan birthday cake

Vegan Vanilla Birthday Cake

Celebrate any occasion with this fluffy, moist, colorful and super delicious vegan vanilla cake! You can surprise your family and friends with this fantastic recipe that doesn’t include eggs or dairy!

vegan blueberry tarts

Vegan Blueberry Granola Tarts

Beautiful, delicious and vegan blueberry tarts made with granola crust. The combination of granola, yogurt and blueberries is simply fantastic. Super delicious and simple tarts that are a great way to enjoy summer!

vegan three color pasta

Three Color Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

You can have in only 15 minutes and with only 5-ingredients this delicious Three Color Pasta! It’s simple, quick and packed with flavors!

vegan coconut kiwi smoothie bowl

Vegan Coconut Kiwi Green Smoothie Bowl

Start your day with this super healthy smoothie bowl which is ready in only 10-minutes! This fantastic smoothie bowl is made with a mix of fruits, spinach, orange juice, and chia seeds. Super tasty and healthy!

vegan black eyed pea salad

Black-Eyed Pea Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

Black-Eyed Pea Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette prepared with fresh cherry tomatoes, onions and a super tasty dressing. It’s 100% vegan and gluten free! A great option for a tasty and satisfying dish!

vegan cranberry pomegranate spritzers

Cranberry Pomegranate Spritzers

A super tasty and refreshing cranberry pomegranate spritzers! This combination of wine, cranberry juice, pomegranate seeds and sparkling water is a delicious option for a summer day!

vegan grilled green wraps

Vegan Grilled Green Wraps

These vegan grilled green wraps are super simple and easy to make! They are made with a lima bean spread, broccoli, and hearts of palm! A super easy, healthy and delicious option for your lunch!

vegan coconut berries parfaits

Vegan Coconut Cream Berry Parfaits

Amazing parfaits made with coconut cream and different berries. They are absolutely easy to make, and they taste fantastic! A perfect dessert or snack, that is 100% vegan, healthy and super delicious!

vegan roasted garlic hummus bruschetta

Vegan Roasted Garlic Hummus Bruschetta

A super simple and quick bruschetta recipe made of cherry tomatoes with a super flavorful roasted garlic hummus! It’s super easy to make and absolutely delicious!

vegan rhubarb mango oatmeal

Vegan Rhubarb-Mango Oatmeal

Have your rhubarb ready and combine it with mango and oats for a perfect combo! This rhubarb-mango oatmeal is simple to make, perfectly sweet and super delicious!