vegan thyme lentils over polenta

Thyme Lentils over Polenta

If you like lentils and polenta you will love this recipe. Here there is a delicious combination of lentils over polenta with the special touch of thyme. A great nutritious and tasty dish!

vegan walnut meat tacos

Vegan Walnut “Meat” Tacos

These vegan tacos are a great alternative to traditional tacos! They are made with a super tasty walnut “meat”, different veggies and a fantastic lime cashew sour cream!

vegan chickpea beet meatballs

Chickpea and Beet Meatballs

These chickpea and beet meatballs are simple to make and super delicious! They are a great vegan, 100% cruelty-free alternative to classic meatballs.

vegan pulled jackfruit

Vegan Pulled Jackfruit

A super tasty pulled jackfruit sandwich that only needs 6-ingredients and less than 45-minutes to be ready! It’s super delicious, 100% vegan and healthy!

vegan tofu steaks

Spicy Griddled Tofu “Steaks”

These meatless steaks are made with tofu and a mix of different spices. They are simple, super easy, packed with flavors, healthy and delicious! A great 100% vegan dish!

vegan burrito bowl

Super Simple Vegan Burrito Bowl

Super simple vegan burrito bowl that you can make easily in 20-minutes! Perfect for a mid-week meal when you don’t feel like cooking! It is quick, easy and delicious!

vegan three color pasta

Three Color Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

You can have in only 15 minutes and with only 5-ingredients this delicious Three Color Pasta! It’s simple, quick and packed with flavors!

vegan spaghetti bolognese

Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese

This vegan spaghetti Bolognese is made with soy granule that gives a “meaty” texture to the sauce. It’s super easy to make, 100% meat-free and absolutely delicious!

vegan walnut carrot burgers

Vegan Walnut Carrot Burgers with Spicy Maple Ketchup

A super delicious vegan walnut and carrot burgers with a super savory spicy maple ketchup. A mix of sweet and spicy make this burger a great alternative to classic burgers. They are also super easy to make, and they are ready in 20-minutes! Super healthy and vegan!

vegan mongolian beef

Vegan Mongolian Beef

A delicious vegan dish made of pan-fried seitan strips with a sweet, spicy and savory sauce. It’s 100% meat-free, it’s super simple to make and super delicious!

vegan lentil tabbouleh

Vegan Lentil Tabbouleh

This vegan lentil tabbouleh is super easy to make, and it’s ready in 30-minutes! It’s made with a combination of lentils, cherry tomatoes, parsley and mint. A super flavorful, and healthy dish!

vegan cream of mushrooms soup

Creamy Mushroom Soup

This cream of mushroom soup is a super creamy, savory and packed with flavors soup! It’s made with different mushrooms and all dairy-free and meat-free ingredients! A wonderful option that will make everyone around you super happy!