vegan porra antequerana spanish cold tomato soup

Vegan Porra Antequerana (Spanish Cold Tomato Soup)

A super delicious soup recipe that is called “Porra Antequerana” which is a traditional Spanish cold tomato soup. The original recipe is made with white bread but this one is made with rye bread which is much healthier, at the same time, this fantastic soup is made with garlic, peppers and tomatoes. It’s super simple and quick to make, and super delicious!

vegan spanish rice

Simple Vegan Spanish Rice with Chorizo

This simple vegan Spanish rice with chorizo is a meat-free and 100% cruelty-free alternative to the classic Paella. It’s made with a mix of rice, veggies and vegan chorizo. It’s super tasty and very easy to make!

vegan spanish ajoblanco

Vegan Spanish Ajoblanco

Ajoblanco or white garlic in English is a typical Spanish cold soup made of bread, garlic, and almonds. It’s a super refreshing, creamy and delicious soup that is perfect for a warm summer day and it’s super simple and quick to make!

vegan apple natillas

Vegan Apple Natillas

The classic Spanish dessert made vegan with this easy recipe! Classic natillas are made with eggs and milk but these vegan natillas are made with a mix of apples, oat milk and cinnamon. They are very easy to make and absolutely delicious!

vegan spanish fabada

Vegan 20-minute Spanish Fabada

This Spanish Fabada is a classic bean stew from Asturias, Spain. This alternative version is 100% vegan. It’s a super hearty, delicious and healthy dish!