vegan grilled avocados

Vegan Grilled Curry Stuffed Avocados

Avocados are grilled and stuffed with a wonderful curry chickpea salad for a great combo! This fantastic dish is simple to make, super delicious and perfect as a side dish, or as an appetizer for a party. A super healthy, full of flavor, and simple dish that tastes amazing!

vegan olive tapenade

Vegan Olive Tapenade

A wonderful vegan olive tapenade that is ready in 10-minutes and only needs a few ingredients! It’s super simple to make and absolutely delicious. It’s perfect as an appetizer or enjoy it with your favorite dish. Check it out!

vegan veggie cream cheese

Vegan Veggie Cream Cheese Spread

Super delicious vegan cream cheese spread made with cashews and a mix of veggies. It’s super creamy, tangy, and absolutely delicious. You can enjoy it with your favorite bread or crackers!

vegan grilled pineapple salsa

Vegan Grilled Pineapple Salsa

A delicious and super easy salsa made of grilled pineapple and veggies. It only needs 8-ingredients and less than 30-minutes to be ready! A super tasty, sweet and spicy salsa that goes perfect with everything!

vegan carrot fries

Vegan Carrot Fries

These carrot fries are a fantastic alternative to potato fries, and they are way more healthier! They are simple to make, and they go perfect with the harissa tahini dip! You definitely need to give them a try!

vegan oil free yogurt sauce

Vegan Oil Free Yogurt Sauce

This yogurt sauce recipe is super simple to make, and super quick, you only need 5-minutes and a few ingredients and it’s ready! It’s super delicious, 100% dairy-free and it’s perfect for dipping! You can also enjoy it with this super tasty vegan kebab for a perfect combo!