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chocolate chip cookies

We are passionate about vegan chocolate chip cookies, we simply love them, and as we know you might feel the same as we do, we made a Top 5 list of our favorite vegan chocolate chip cookies recipes.

peanut butter cookies

We would like to share with you our Top 5 list of our favorite peanut butter cookies recipes. These super mouth-watering recipes will make you feel tempted to run to the kitchen and make them all at once

We have made a Top 5 list with our favorite french toast recipes so you can start your day with a super tasty breakfast! They are all dairy-free, simple to make and delicious. There are with banana, with pumpkin, with cinnamon, with cherries, you have it all in 5 fantastic different recipes, check it out! […]

Top vegan pancakes recipes

Everyone loves pancakes but with so many variations out there it is difficult to find the best recipe. Some of them have lots of ingredients and seem pretty difficult to make so we made a top 5 list of our favorite pancakes recipes which we consider to be simple, delicious and of course, 100% vegan! […]

Vegan Brownies

We have made a Top 5 list with the most wonderful vegan brownie recipes! These recipes have 2 thing in common: