Slow Loris Phuket Thailand

Slow loris had teeth ripped out so tourists could take selfies

5th of August 2017: At the moment we are on vacation in Phuket, Thailand. Despite Thailand being a fantastic country in many ways, there are illegal activities going on that could involve you, if you are not careful!

Sadly, this is happening every night in Phuket: Tourists are invited to pay to have a photo taken with a slow loris; this might sound fun to post on your Facebook if you don’t know the reality of the situation!

See an example here of how it happens on the streets of Phuket:

Slow lorises are an endangered species and these people are just taking advantage that many tourists don’t know about the suffering of these animals.

Slow lorises are nocturnal animals so when they’re then taken to loud, bright markets full of tourists is incredibly uncomfortable and causes them pain and suffering. They are also offered as pets, but what you don’t know is that before the slow lorises are suitable to be sold as pets or being handled by tourists, their teeth are ripped out without any consideration of their pain.

Slow loris teeth removed so tourists could take selfie

This is how it looks when it’s done (be aware: Very disturbing video!):

After all this, the slow loris is subjected to a life of pain, frustration, and fear; they’re not meant to be kept in houses as pets. Also, even though their teeth have been ripped out, they are dangerous as they have a venomous bite that is harmful to humans.

Taking a photo with a slow loris or buying them encourages the trade and pushes these endangered animals closer to extinction.
Do not support this illegal activity. If you see slow loris for sale or touts asking money for taking a photo with these animals report it to the authorities (call the Tourist Police 24/7 at phone number 1155) and to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (select “Reports & Complaints). You can help us support educating tourists visiting countries where endangered animals are being abused for money by donating a small amount here of money.You can do it through PayPal or Patreon:


Patreon: use the funds to buy Facebook advertising, and targeting the ads to people who are currently on vacation in the affected areas, including Thailand. The more funds we have, the more people we can inform, and by that help stop the money flow this cruel industry! You can donate starting from just USD 1 by clicking here.

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