Spring Vegetables Soup

This Spring Vegetables Soup is the fuel your body needs! It’s easy, tasty, healthy and you can make it really fast! Only 5 ingredients, a couple of minutes and you will be eating a delicious homemade soup!

Curried Coconut-Carrot Soup

A tasty, easy, creamy, and healthy Curried Coconut-Carrot Soup! With only a few ingredients you can have this nutritious meal that is absolutely delicious!

Vegetable Noodle Miso Soup

A vegetable noodle miso soup that is made in 10 minutes! It is fast, easy, healthy and delicious… simply perfect!

Leek Potato and Fennel Soup

A simple but delicious leek potato and fennel soup that everyone in your family will love! Nothing better than a vegan homemade soup for a wonderful dinner! Enjoy!

Creamy Vegan Broccoli Soup

A delicious, flavorful and super healthy creamy vegan broccoli soup that can easily be made in a few minutes! Enjoy it alone, with your favorite bread or with a delicious salad!

Creamy Carrot Pumpkin Soup

You don’t feel like cooking? Don’t worry! Here there is a super easy carrot pumpkin soup that you can make with a few ingredients and in only 15 minutes! Very creamy with lots of flavors! Perfect for a cozy night with your loved ones!